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Whether you need preventative, cosmetic or restorative dentistry, a holistic approach is key to maintaining healthy teeth for life without compromising your overall well being. Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care proudly operates Casuarina’s only completely holistic and bio-compatible dental practice. On this page you can meet out team and what you can expect when you visit our dental surgery. 





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Dr Maria Florou, BDS

Principal Dentist

Born in Greece and brought up in Brazil, Maria chose to pursue a career in the dental profession as a way to help people achieve their goals related to overall health and well-being. Dr. Maria did not start out as a holistic dentist but her early experiences in traditional dentistry left her wanting to find a better way to treat patients with more of a focus on the whole person, continuously searching for the latest advancements, least invasive procedures, and most natural resources available. 

In order to achieve an outstanding approach, she takes into account a number of factors: Your overall health, your oral health, the latest developments in traditional dentistry, and the most current information on scientifically substantiated natural health and dental practices.

She believes that every patient is unique and understands that everyone has different needs and expectations. When in comes to kids , she believes that every child should be treated as family, and strives to ensure that every visit is a positive one, through her fun-loving demeanour.

She completed her Bachelor in Dental Science in Sao Paulo – Brazil in 2000. And has a special interest in prevention and family practice.

 In 2011, Maria and her 2 beautiful boys immigrated to Australia, where she has been enjoying simple things in life like spending time with her family and the renovating feeling of having a stroll by the beach.


"I love Maria’s approach to the whole person as well as dental care and her lovely personality." by Lucy T - Patient.

Dr Kevin Doyle, BDS

General Dentist

As a dedicated dentist, he focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of different problems related to a patient's teeth, gums, as well as other parts related to the mount. He offers instruction and advice on how to take care of the teeth and gums, including the recommended diet choice which may have an impact on our overall oral health. He also promotes quality dental health, which includes the prevention of dental disorders.

Oral health is as important as the other aspects of physical health. As a matter of fact, without a healthy oral hygiene, the actual physical health may also be affected. Dentists help patients with their oral health, promoting a good hygiene, while making sure that issues related to their mouth, teeth and gums are addressed accordingly.

Dr. Kevin Doyle is currently accepting new patients.

"Always a good dental experience" By Paul A. - Patient

Ingrid Seibert

Oral and Myofunctional Therapist

Ingrid graduated as an Oral Health Therapist from Griffith University in 2009 and has since been involved in paediatric dentistry with an emphasis on functional and holistic approach.


Seeing many children with common dental developmental issues has motivated Ingrid to seek more preventative forms of treatment, which centred on the causes, rather than the symptoms. This lead Ingrid to specialise in Orofacial myofunctional Therapy.


Ingrid is currently accepting new patients.



My kid had an amazing dental experience with Ingrid !  by Roberta C. -Patient 

Dr. Harry Bhara, BDS

General Dentist

Dr Harry graduated in 1997 from the prestigious Kings College London University. He served in the Royal Army Dental Corps for 4 years.
After 11 years owning his own practice, Dr. Harry made the decision to migrate to much warmer climates and to an exceedingly better lifestyle in Adelaide.
Dr. Harry has found at Casuarina Dental a unique opportunity to work in a holistic environment and share his knowledge improving patient’s health. He loves all aspects of general dentistry, however he has special interest on Dental Aesthetics (crowns, bridges & veneers).
Dr. Harry is currently accepting new patients.

"Friendly and professional staff. I am made to feel at ease during all procedures. Highly recommend " by Chrys F - Patient

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