Your First Visit


When you arrive at our Casuarina Dental practice, our team will greet you and put you at ease. 

We have prepared a holistic environment to make your visit comfortable. We believe good overall health and well-being starts with good oral health. If you haven't visit us at Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care before, we can assure you that your first visit promises to be a pleasant, even an enjoyable experience. Your comfort is one of our top priorities.   


Things to Remember 


  • Jump on-line and fill your Medical History Form, Dental Records Release Form and Covid-19 Health Declaration.
  • Allow 60 minutes for your first consultation. Your dentist will perform a complete dental examination and you two will have a chat about your overall health.  If you are nervous, make a list of questions to ask your dentist so you don’t forget anything on the day. This includes any concerns you have or any problems you’ve been experiencing.
  • If you feel anxious you can ask for a Natural Rescue Remedy to our receptionist.
  • If you have dental insurance remember to bring your insurance card with you. 

You will leave our dental practice knowing that your teeth and gums will be well on their way to better health. We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.



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