Holistic Dentistry

Holistic dental care detects symptoms of potential problems early on. This allows our team of specialists to address issues before they escalate, causing more serious oral and overall health concerns. Holistic dentistry reduces or eradicates potentially toxic substances from your body, helping your overall health and wellbeing.

At Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care, we believe that dental treatment must be bio-compatible with the whole body and not compromise your general health and well being. In our dental practice all materials are specifically selected for you with your own bio-compatibility in mind.

An Expansive Medical HistoryCouple Holistic Dentistry

To determine appropriate treatment options, our skilled dentists perform a full medical workup, including conditions, medications, sensitivities and allergies before proceeding with dental treatment.

Finding the proper treatment is a highly individualised aspect of our holistic approach to dentistry. We will present all of your options to you so you can make an informed choice for the future of your oral and overall wellness.

Periodontal (Gum) Treatments

Perhaps the most publicised oral condition having an impact on overall health are the links that research has revealed between gum disease and whole-body systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory illnesses. We perform deep dental cleanings and follow-up care designed to improve your oral and overall health. When necessary, we work closely with local periodontists (gum specialists) to treat more severe cases of periodontitis.

BPA-Free, Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings

Unlike amalgam (mercury) fillings, we use aesthetic ceramic like material to seal and repair teeth with decay or damage. These materials come in a variety of shades to match existing teeth for a solution that looks natural and supports patients with metal sensitivities, allergies or concerns about the presence of mercury in amalgams.

Amalgam removal in our Casuarina dental clinic is done safely and conscientiously. As part of our strict protocol, we use a rubber dam (a protective barrier) to prevent amalgam from leaking into the body and for environmentally responsible disposal. Among other measures, we use state-of-the-art air filtration to keep the air mercury-free in the treatment room and near the patient’s airway as an added safety precaution. 

Our dentists then replace amalgam dentistry with tooth-coloured, BPA-free options.

Oral Appliance Treatment Options

Couple can't sleep Oral Appliance Treatment optionsWhenever we can prevent the development of a serious oral or medical condition, we believe that is the best approach. Part of our preventive approach to dentistry utilises oral appliance therapies for orthodontic development, sleep apnoea and bruxism (teeth grinding).

Myobrace – Young children may develop growth patterns that can lead to the need for extensive orthodontics and even extractions in the future. As a way to prevent this from happening and in order to guide facial growth, we provide early childhood evaluations. Please see here for more information on Myobrace. 

Continuous open airway therapy – With the guidance of a GP, patients with sleep apnoea often prefer this treatment over CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) therapy that requires the use of a mask. We offer this innovative sleep apnoea treatment alternative. At Casuarina Dental, we work with our in-house GP who can help diagnose and treat sleep disorders according to your needs.

Learn more about our holistic approach to dentistry by contacting Casuarina Dental Family & Holistic Care to arrange a consultation. Our dentists and the entire team are committed to providing you with dentistry that improves your overall wellness while taking care of your smile.