Mercury Amalgam Removal

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

One of the main holistic dentistry services that Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care provides is the safe removal of mercury amalgam (such as that found in old metal fillings). We perform this procedure with the utmost care to minimise the risk of you swallowing toxic debris. Proper isolation and high volume suction are critical. So, we use a rubber dam to protect you, and to improve the bond of the new restoration.

Once all mercury is safely removed, the debris must then be properly disposed. Here at Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care, we take environmental considerations seriously. So we’ve made sure our disposal methods are as safe as possible. Our unique suction system separates 99% of the amalgam, trapping it in a special filter, before the waste fluid reaches the drain. This new standard of environmental care for dentists (with which Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care is already compliant) eradicates mercury contamination of water, and will soon become law for all Australian dental practices.

We proudly follow IAOMT Protocol. The IAOMT protocol recommendations for amalgam removal are known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART).


If you suspect that you have mercury in your fillings, rely on our team of holistic, expert dentists to conduct the removal in a safe and stress-free manner. Find out more about our procedures below, or else reach out to our team by phone if you have any queries.


Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

Here at Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care, we only implement the best practices when it comes to the removal of mercury amalgam. We use the SMART procedure, which is a global health initiative recognised by leading healthcare professionals and recommended by many of the most predominant healthcare and dentistry bodies. 


Book An Appointment

If you'd like to book an appointment with the Casuarina Dental Family and Holistic Care team regarding the removal of mercury amalgam from your fillings, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Give us a call or drop us an email to consult with someone from our team who can help you get booked in as is advisable. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Mercury Fillings Removed?

When exposed to the body, mercury is a toxic substance that can have a number of adverse health effects. This is why it is advised that you have any mercury amalgam removed, especially if you have a filling that is worn down, cracked or broken.

Removing mercury fillings can have a positive impact on your health, especially oral health. If your dentist advises that you undergo the mercury removal procedure, it's best to take up their advice and schedule a removal appointment. 

Do Dentists Use Mercury Fillings Anymore?

Unfortunately, mercury fillings are still among the most commonly used type of filling by dentistry experts around the world.

How Long Does Mercury Toxicity Last After Amalgam Removal?

One of the most common side effects following amalgam removal is mercury toxicity. Studies conducted suggest that mercury toxicity decreases by around sixty per cent in the first sixty days following removal. This is compared against pre-removal levels of mercury present. 

An important factor to note when discussing mercury toxicity levels after amalgam removal is that it is also subject to the overall health of the patient and the detoxification processes that they participate in. The more a person engages with mercury detoxification, the quicker the reduction of mercury toxicity.

How Should I Prepare For Mercury Amalgam Removal?

Preparing for a mercury amalgam removal procedure can be done in some simple steps. Below are some things that you can do to minimise the aftereffects of mercury removal:

  • Consider taking vitamins and minerals to maintain general health for the detoxification process.
  • Read up on the removal procedure and feel free to ask your dentist questions relating to the procedure.
  • Invest in a detox kit to be used prior to the removal to help your body prepare for the days to come.