Tooth-Coloured Ceramic Fillings


During your consultation, your practitioner will examine each tooth, all soft tissue and the general condition of your mouth. If you require treatment, your options will be thoroughly explained to you. 


Tooth-Coloured Ceramic Fillings
It generally takes longer to place a ceramic filling than it does for a metal filling.  That’s because ceramic fillings require the tooth to be kept clean and dry while the cavity is being filled.  Tooth coloured fillings are now used more often than  amalgam or gold fillings, with a plus of cosmetic gain.

Ceramic fillings are excellent for replacing large areas of missing and damaged tooth structure. They are incredibly strong and used as a premium choice filling material. Often, ceramic fillings are used to replace old unhealth amalgam fillings, broken teeth and cracked teeth.

Casuarina Dental use biocompatible Admira Fusion filling as part of our Holistic approach. 


What Is a Ceramic fillings?

Ceramic fillings are made most often of porcelain, are more resistant to staining than composite resin material and  more abrasive. This material generally lasts more than 20 years *durability of Ceramic filling may vary according to  patient’s habits .


What Is an Admira Fusion Ceramic fillings?

Admira Fusion is direct restorative that combines nano-hybrid technology and Ormocer technology. It handles similarly to resin composite, yet this all ceramic-based material is completely free of classic monomers. Biocompatibility is a combination of inorganic (ceramic) and organic materials, improved through the absence of traditional monomers and Admira Fusion’s high degree of cross-linking.


How Is a Ceramic Filling Placed?

With the latest CAD/CAM technology , the tooth is scanned and measured. It then communicates with a computerised machine to manufacture the perfect porcelain design and fit. 

Yes, your tooth will be printed in a 3D high technologic printer. You will have a perfect match in colour and shape. 


Why Ceramic fillings?

Ceramic fillings are made of advanced materials that are much stronger than pretty much any other ceramic you’re used to. When these ceramics are bonded to your teeth, they not only create a good seal, they can actually restore lost strength to your tooth. And these fillings are highly durable–they can last even longer than metal amalgam. 


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